The cost to move a piano is $180 for a Local Move and $1,050 for Long Distance.

Piano Moving Cost

The cost of moving an upright piano locally is as low as $110 without stairs and about $260 if there are stairs involved.

To move a grand piano long distance, expect to pay $3 per mile plus $50 base rate with prices increasing by an average of $40 to $100 per flight of stairs. On average it will cost your $1,050.

National Average Cost$180
Minimum Cost$110
Maximum Cost$850
Average Range$180 to $260
Table Displaying Cost to Move a Piano

Depending on your location details and the type of piano the pricing will vary.

Moving a piano is complex. In this article, we’ll be taking a look into some of the factors that determine the cost of moving a piano, including the weight, distance, stairs and time.

Additionally, we’ll also include some additional costs for you need to consider.

Moving Cost by Piano Type

Different types and styles of piano require different moving methods and for that reason the prices can vary.

Pianos that are heavy require more manpower and equipment, which translates to higher costs.

Depending on the style of piano you have, prices will differ. The difference in shape between an Upright Piano and a Grand Piano can increase the cost as well.

Grand Pianos have a wider frame and are hard to transport because of they’re size, this can affect your moving costs considerably.

The below prices are for a local move of average-sized piano being moved from Floor 1 to Floor 2:

Local Piano Moving Cost

Type of PianoCost of Moving
Spinet or Console Piano$110 to $310
Studio Piano$110 to $260
Upright Piano$110 to $295
Baby Grand Piano$260 to $350
Grand Piano$350 to $460
Concert Grand PianoMore than $460
Piano Moving Cost by Type

Moving Cost by Piano Size

Below are the average costs of moving a piano locally based on piano size

Piano TypeSizeAverage Cost of Moving
Upright Pianosup to 47″ (tall)
48″ and above
Grand Pianosaround 6′
around 7′
around 8′
around 9′
$215 to $400
$215 to $400
$90 to $300
Piano Moving Cost by Size

Piano Moving Cost Calculator

When moving a piano there are a lot of obstacles like stairs, doors, small spaces and more. With each obstacle the cost of moving it increases.

Local Piano Moving Cost

ItemAverage Moving Cost
Base Rate$50
Cost per mile$1.20 – $1.50 (for local move)
$2.00 – $10.00 (for long distance move)
Cost per flight of stairs$50 to $100
Cost per stairway turn$65 to $85
Difficulties (gravel road, steep driveway$50 to $240 for each difficulty
InsuranceFree (Up to $5,000)
$15 per $1,000 of coverage (over $5,000)
Piano Storage$65 per month
Emergency (Rush) Fee$350 (for local)
$450 – $750 (for long distance)
No-show or Rescheduling Fee$150 to $450
Local Piano Moving Cost Table

Piano Tuning Costs After Moving

The cost of tuning a piano after relocation should be considered as part of moving costs.

During the transit the internal parts may get loose. To properly tune a piano it may take between 1-2 hours and the average hourly rate of hiring a piano tuner is $100.

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Additional Piano Moving Costs

If the piano is large or needs crating for a long distance move, additional fees may be incurred.

Additional CostsCost
Player Pianos Fee$30
Grand Piano breakdown and setup$110
Grand Piano Crating Fee$700
$1,150 (heat treated)
Extra Fee (Grands 6′ to 8′)$125 to $200 (local move)
More than $300 (for long distance)
Extra Fee (Grands larger than 8′)$225 to $425 (local move)
$425 – $625 (long distance move)
Climate-Controlled ShippingMore than $1,000
Fuel Surcharge (for long distance)More than $100 for moves under 1,000 miles
$150 (moves over 1,000 miles)
Additional Piano Moving Costs

Room to Room Piano Moving Costs

On-site Moving Costs

Type of PianoOne Room to AnotherOut and Back
Upright or Vertical Piano$80$160
Grand or Baby Grand Piano$145 to $230$290 to $460
Room to Room Piano Moving Costs

Additional Cost Per Stair

Size of PianoPrice Per StairLanding or Turn in Stairs
Upright Piano (Less than 48″ Tall)$5$25
Upright Piano (More than 48″ Tall)$5$25
5′ Grand Piano$5$25
6′ Grand Piano$10$50
7′ Grand Piano$15$50
9′ Grand Piano$20$75
Table Displaying Piano Moving Cost per Stair

Factors Affecting the Cost of Piano Moving

Piano moving is not a cheap process. The size of the piano and distance it needs to be moved all factor into this cost.

Size and Weight

A piano’s size and weight is something that has a lot of impact on the type of transport needed to move it.

The smaller an upright piano is, the cheaper it will be to transport. Most of the time, an upright piano will need less people than a grand piano to move. An upright may also cost less to transport than a grand piano.

The thing about a grand piano is that it takes up more space and weighs more.

Moving costs for a baby grand piano is $185-$1,050 while the cost is only $110-$290 for an upright piano.


Depending on the distance, there is a large difference in the cost of moving a piano. It costs more to move one across state than it does from one room to another within the same apartment.

The longer the distance, the more time it takes and the more labor it needs. The cost also goes up depending on what transportation one uses.

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Professional movers usually charge $50 as a base rate, adding mileage surcharges to the price after that.

Moving a piano always carries an expense, but the best quotes for the job are often in the $1.20–$2.50 per mile range and this includes local moves.

A long distance move could cost from as low as $2 to up to $10 a mile, but on average will go for about $2.75 per mile.

The cost to move a piano locally ranges from $250-$550, and long-distance moving can be anywhere from $550–$1,950. Prices for moving pianos vary depending on the type, weight and size of the piano.


Sometimes, people opt to move their piano before or after the rest of the furniture. In this case, professional movers will go ahead and store the instrument in a warehouse until it is needed again.

Storage facilities usually charge around $50-$70 per month for storage of a piano in a humidity-controlled and climate-controlled unit.


Whether it is a gravel road, a steep driveway, spiral staircases, a dock, or an elevator, the terrain can greatly affect rates.

If you think about it, moving pianos up and down hills, for example, is much more difficult than simply loading them in a truck and driving off. You might have to pay $40-$240 for each difficult turn or obstacle.

Additional Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Time-Frame: If you have an emergency and want to move a piano urgently then it will cost double or even triple of the regular price.
  • No-show or last-minute cancellation: If a mover has been assigned to move your piano and you don’t let him know the change of plan he will charge you for both ways, which is really expensive.
  • How Many Men Will It Take To Move The Piano: If it takes 3 men instead of 2 it will cost more than double. This is usually happens with pianos that are big and heavy.
  • Additional Items: If the piano bench to be moved is not included in the moving quote, then it might cost extra. The cost of this is generally $1 per pound, or $8 per cubic foot with a minimum of $20 on each..
  • Crating Fee: The crating fee for a grand piano starts at $750 and for a heat-treated crating fee is $1,150.
  • Piano Removal: The junk removal prices for piano removal is around $75 to $100

How Do Piano Movers Charge?

One question that needs to be answered is what type of piano are we talking about?

All pianos are not alike and as such all moves can differ in cost based on the actual instrument, how far it has to travel, and other factors.

Most professional piano movers charge a base rate of $50-$100 plus an additional per-mile cost that varies depending on the type and number of stairs.

Once you know what the weight, size, and location of your piano are then it’s a matter of making a variety of estimates for each scenario. There are two ways:

  • Hourly rate: Most regular moving companies charge an hourly rate to move pianos. Depending on the total distance of travel for your instrument, this can quickly become an expensive option as you are charged by the hour no matter how far they have to go.
  • Flat rate: Professional piano moving companies will quote a flat rate. They are experienced enough to make sure that they will not exceed their cost. They have great efficiency in moving and packing, as well as the experience to estimate how long it will take them to complete a move. They know what items take more time to load or unload so they can give you an accurate quote based off of their previous moves and achievements.

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Piano Moving Equipment and It’s Cost

To move a piano securely, special moving equipment is required. Having specialized piano moving equipment ensures the most efficient move with the least chance of damage.

By using the proper equipment, movers are able to do a more professional job and can also be done in less time than using manual methods.

Below are the necessary equipment required to safely move your piano:

  • A 4-wheel dolly: $120
  • Hump strap: $30
  • Locking piano belt: $20
  • Piano skid board: $120
  • Moving blankets and padding
  • Truck with a ramp

The things you need for more difficult moves, such as stair-jockey, cranes, genie lifts start at $550.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move a piano yourself?

Although you may be able to move a piano yourself, it is not recommended. Pianos can weigh as much as 750 pounds and are long hard-to-move objects.

Without the proper equipment, you will likely damage your new instrument or injure yourself in the process.

Do regular movers move Piano?

A regular, non-piano moving company can move a piano. They can offer you an “add-on” service if you want to hire them to do so.

However, it may not be the best option as they are not specially trained in moving pianos.

Does moving a piano damage it?

Moving a piano does not damage it. However, if you do not use the correct equipment, mis-route your piano or move it across bumpy terrain you may cause damage to the instrument.

How much does it cost to transport a piano?

$180 for a Local Move and $1,050 for Long Distance. It all depends on your location, what kind of piano do you have and other factors that determine the total weight.

Moving a Piano is not cheap but can save you a lot if done correctly. As such, it’s recommended to hire professional movers who are well experienced in moving pianos.

How much does tuning a piano cost after a move?

You should expect $100 an hour for the tuning, depending on how long it takes and difficulties encountered. This does include a consultation.

Should I tip my piano movers?

If you are happy with the job they have done, you can tip your piano movers as you usually would.

It is not required but if their service was excellent then it wouldn’t hurt to give a small bonus to them at the end of the day.

The general rate of tips is $25-$40 per mover. You should tip them based on the service they have done and not on a percentage of the cost you paid for.

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How much does an upright or grand piano weigh?

The weight of a piano is dependent on it’s size. As per the standard, an upright piano weighs between 400 to 1,000 pounds while a grand piano weighs about 700 – 1,400 pounds.

What should I do with my old Piano?

You can give your old piano to someone who could use it as their main instrument such as students or kids who have just started learning to play piano.

If you no longer use the instrument, consider selling it. There are people who will buy your old piano and fix or sell it for a profit. You can also donate it to an auction house that sells used pianos at low prices.

Tips for Hiring Piano Moving Companies

Following is a list of tips you should consider before hiring professional moving services:

  • Get at least three quotes from different movers.
  • Set a budget for the move and stick to it. Make sure they give you an estimate based on your piano’s size.
  • Get them to refer you to clients who they have already moved before. Be wary of companies that avoid looking up their clients, regardless of how eager they are to win your business.
  • Have the phone numbers of the movers in case of an emergency or if you need additional services. See to it that the phone numbers are easily accessible from your cell phone.
  • Get a guarantee on the piano’s safety, and know what will happen in case there is damage or loss.
  • They should have the necessary insurance and licensing papers.
  • Get a certificate of liability insurance to cover any injuries that may occur during the move. This is for your peace of mind, but it does not give you absolute protection in the event of an accident involving damages or loss of property.


Moving a piano is not as challenging or difficult as it sounds. It might be more expensive, but the benefits far outweigh those costs.

Consider all the things you will have to deal with if you transport an instrument that doesn’t belong to you, and take into account the hassle that comes with moving bulky objects.

Use professional movers who are trained to do this job. Keeping these things in mind, moving a piano should be something you will look forward to doing after it’s done.

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