Moving is a stressful time. You have to find movers, pack your belongings, and then unpack them all when you get to your new home.

Finding the right moving company can make a real difference in how smoothly your move goes. When you choose professional piano movers, you can rest assured that your prized possessions will be handled carefully throughout the moving process.

Professional piano movers are specially trained for delicate items like pianos and organs, so they know how to handle them safely through every step of the moving process. They also understand that this is an expensive item that requires special attention during transit; therefore, they take extra precautions with pianos compared with other household goods. There are a number of benefits of hiring a professional Piano moving company; let’s take a look at some of them!

Moving Your Piano Is A Big Job

Moving a piano can be a big undertaking. Once you get the Piano to your home, it’s going to be very heavy and awkward to move around again in the future if you change residences or have any onsite repairs done. You can avoid these hassles by hiring professional movers who will safely transport your Piano from one location to another.

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Reason Why You Should Hire A Professional Piano Mover

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional piano mover rather than doing it yourself. For one, moving is physically demanding work, and it requires the use of special tools. If you or your helpers lack experience handling large pieces of furniture, there’s a greater risk that something could go wrong in transit. An inexperienced person may also not realize the importance of handling the Piano with extreme care. When you hire a professional company to move your Piano, you can rest assured that it will be handled properly throughout the move. Following are some of the major benefits of hiring a professional piano moving company:

1. Hiring Professional Movers Can Help You Avoid Costly Accidents And Injuries

Moving a piano involves many steps. Professional Piano movers can make the process easier by helping you disassemble and reassemble your Piano to transport it safely. They will also move your Piano down narrow staircases or through tight spaces in the house, which may be impossible for just a few people to do on their own. Moving large Piano can cause severe accidents if not done correctly. Hiring professional movers helps you avoid these injuries and costly damages to yourself and your property.

2. Professional Movers Will Make Sure That The Piano Is Securely Packed For Transport

Moving a piano requires a secure packing method that protects its intricate parts from damage. Piano movers know how to use sturdy wood and cardboard boxes to ensure the safe transit of your furniture. They will also ensure that the Piano is roped down securely for transport, so it doesn’t move around inside the moving truck or transport vehicle.

3. Movers Come With Insurance

Professional piano moving companies come with insurance coverage for their customers. Piano movers know the risks associated with moving pianos and will take extra precautions to keep you and your property safe during transit. This includes a third-party liability policy, which will protect you in case of an accident. This means that if any damage occurs during the moving process, they will be responsible for paying back these damages at no cost to you. You can count on them to take full responsibility for any losses or property damages caused during the move.

4. Your Instrument Will Be Delivered In Perfect Condition

Using a professional moving company will ensure that your Piano is delivered in perfect condition. Serious damage can occur to furniture when it’s not handled properly during the move. This is especially true for pianos, which have several delicate parts and mechanisms. Hiring a professional piano mover can prevent unnecessary damage to your instrument while also reducing any repair costs if any problems arise. Experienced movers know how to transport pianos without causing any damage or putting them at risk of getting damaged during transit.

5. Professional Movers Are Trained To Move Pianos

Professional movers are specially trained to move pianos. They use special moving techniques and equipment that works best for any Piano. When you hire a professional piano moving company, you know your instrument will be handled with care, and the process is much smoother. Professional movers also have experience disassembling and reassembling your Piano into smaller pieces in preparation for transport. This requires specialized knowledge about how each part of the piano functions together, which can’t be learned overnight.

6. Professional Movers Use Specialized Piano Moving Equipment

Professional piano movers have special equipment to transport your instrument. Some of these tools include dollies, hand trucks, and other support equipment used to move large objects. They will also use foam sliders to protect the delicate soundboard when moving the instrument through narrow spaces in the house or staircase. The key is using specialized equipment designed for pianos, which allows them to maneuver around tight corners and stairs without causing any damage or accidents along the way.

How To Choose The Right Piano Moving Company

There are many piano moving companies out there, so how do you know which ones to choose? There is no one size fits all solution to this question. However, below you will find some helpful steps to take as you evaluate the different piano movers available in your area.

  • Start Locally – You might be tempted to rely on the best-priced mover available online, but you should consider utilizing your local resources first. Ask around at work, with family, or friends for other professionals in your area. These people have often used movers before and can better choose which companies they prefer over others.
  • Check Reviews – Another great resource is reviews about local moving companies on Yelp! or Angie’s List. These sites allow customers to provide feedback through the surveys and ratings given for different services offered by local businesses.
  • Check Licensing – Ensure that any company you hire is appropriately licensed to perform work in your state or area. This will help avoid potential legal issues that can occur if the company is not licensed.
  • Check Insurance – You do not want to hire a mover without insurance to cover any damages or losses that might occur during the moving process. If you are dealing with an interstate move, check what kind of coverage that company offers in case your items get lost or damaged during transit. Some companies even provide liability protection for damage done to your home or property.
  • Check Customer Service – You should be able to get a hold of someone from any moving company you are considering at almost any time. It is also important to make sure that the company offers its customers after-moving support and services in case adjustments need to be made or if you have any issues with your goods being delivered.

What Else You Need To Know Before Hiring A Piano Mover

Piano movers are a necessary part of any major move. It is best to hire a company specializing in this service and be prepared for the requirements before you begin looking at different companies. Here are a few additional things to know before hiring a piano mover:

  • Insure Your Instrument – Before moving your Piano, you should call your local insurance agent to ensure that the move is covered under your current policy. If it is not covered, you may need to purchase additional insurance before they will move and protect your instrument.
  • Piano Movers Need Space In The House To Move Your Piano – Although some movers can move pianos through narrow hallways and doorways, it is best to make sure there is enough room for them to do so. They might have to take apart the instrument into a few parts to maneuver around tight spaces, which can take quite a bit of time.
  • Make Sure Your Piano Is Stored In The Proper Environment – If you are hoping to sell your instrument in the future, the movers will ensure that it is transported without damage. However, there is still some care that needs to be taken after moving it into another location. Since extreme temperatures or humidity levels can damage pianos, you should check with your mover about how best to store or maintain the condition of your Piano once moved into the new space.
  • Inspect Your Piano Upon Delivery – At any point during the move process, you might find damage to your instrument. After moving your Piano, you should inspect it to ensure that no damage was done during the move process. While some companies will cover any damages or losses, sometimes customers are responsible for the repair costs if they were not present at the time of transportation and delivery. This is why it is important to check after any move and be prepared to pay for repairs if needed.
  • Get Your Piano Re-tuned after Moving – Unless you have a special piano that does not need to be tuned, you will probably want to have your instrument checked after it has been moved. Pianos can easily get out of tune during the move process. It is best to tune them right away rather than waiting for months and having them become increasingly difficult and expensive to repair or replace.

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After reading this article, you should now know the importance of hiring a piano mover when moving your instrument. You should also have a better understanding of what to look for in a company, what the process will involve, and some other things you will need to be aware of before and after the moving process.