Piano moving is a tough job. A piano weighs around 300 lbs to 1200 lbs and has to be moved upstairs, through doorways, and down hallways. It falls on the shoulders of the piano mover to relocate pianos from one home to another home or apartment building. Piano movers often have their own trucks with dollies or trailers for transporting the instruments, which can make things easier, but it’s still a tough job. To get an idea about how much to tip piano movers, please read the following article!

1. Things you should know about tipping piano movers

Tipping people is a custom that has been in practice for ages to show appreciation for a job well done. However, it is not mandatory but customary, and you should decide how much you are willing to spare as appreciation. You need to know certain things before deciding on tipping piano movers.

2. When do you need to tip a piano mover?

It would be best if you tipped piano movers when you are delighted with their work, and you have already paid for the service. It would be best if you did not rush to pay them because of a fear that they might leave early; instead, enjoy your time while your piano is being moved from one place to another.

3. Should you tip a piano mover before they arrive at your house?

It is not necessary to tip the piano movers before they arrive at your house, and it all depends on how you communicate with them. However, some people prefer to give a tip early to ensure that the workers show up.

4. What is the customary amount for tipping a piano mover?

The amount of tip for piano movers usually ranges from $25 to $50 per mover. You can give this money in cash directly to the workers or put it into an envelope given to the lead person who will distribute it among the workers. However, you should not provide more than 25% of what your moving costs are.

5. How to tip your piano mover?

After deciding on the tip amount, you need to know how to work it out with your piano mover. Piano movers usually expect cash tips so that they can be assured of quick payment without any hassles. However, you can tip them in other ways if you prefer so that they can use the money for something else. Some people like to give gift cards or certificates while others might consider giving useful items such as food hampers and baskets.

6. Piano moving companies will have tipping guidelines

Moving companies that are professional usually have a list of recommended tipping amounts to hand out to their piano moving customers. Tipping guideline is made after considering all the factors involved, such as the size of your piano, the distance it is being moved, and so on. You can use these guidelines for deciding on how much tip you will give to the workers.

7. Larger the moving company, lesser tip required

A good piano moving company will have their workers trained in the proper way to transport pianos, and they would strictly follow all safety norms while doing so. Piano movers get paid a decent salary by the moving companies, which means that you need not worry about giving them any extra tips. Piano movers from large moving companies will also be covered under worker’s compensation.

8. Tips are usually not expected

While tipping is not mandatory, you can expect that your piano mover will be happy to receive it, and they might give good service because of this. However, you should not expect them to provide an extra exceptional service because of the tip. Piano movers can be a hard-working lot, and tips are usually only given for doing a good job.

9. What are some other ways that customers can show appreciation for their service besides tipping them?

Apart from tipping piano movers, you can also show appreciation for their work by taking meaningful reviews about the service that they have provided. A good moving company will always appreciate honest feedback, which will help them improve their services in the future. You can also give word of mouth recommendations about the moving company’s service, potentially adding more business to them. Offering snacks and beverages is yet another way you can appreciate their hard work.


Whether you’re moving a piano or not, it’s always good to show appreciation for hard work. There are many ways that people can say thank you when they interact with their movers – from cash tips and certificates of gratitude to mouth-to-mouth recommendations and even snacks. These little things go a long way in the professional world. Let Piano Movers help make your next move easy!