If you are moving a piano in a pickup truck, you should know that it is not as easy as simply loading it up and driving away. There are some important steps to take to get the piano safely where it needs to go. This article will outline how you can move your piano safely in a pickup truck.

Measure the Piano and the Truck

The first thing that one must do when they want to move their piano is measure its size so that they know what kind of vehicle they need. Measurements include length, height, and width; these measurements will help determine the space required by the instrument and if there is enough room inside of a vehicle’s bed or compartment for such an item.

Prepare the truck

The next thing that one must do is prepare the truck for loading. The first step in doing this, though it may seem obvious, is to make sure that the back of the truck is clean and free from clutter. The truck bed should be swept out, and all trash or random items lying around in the back of the truck need to be removed. A piano is a large piece of equipment that will take up most of the area in a pickup truck. Having everything tidy behind the seats for loading helps tremendously when it comes to moving such an item.

Plan the route of travel

The route and travel path should be planned out in advance. This will help to avoid any problems that could occur during the move. A piano is a heavy piece of equipment, so not thinking things through beforehand can lead to issues with tight turns or narrow entrances/exits that lead inside homes or buildings. You don’t want to drive your truck from a street that has a lot of bumps and turns, as well as an incline to your final destination. Doing this is not only bad for the piano, but it can cause some damage to the truck itself and endanger any people that may be inside.

Pack the truck bed with blankets and pillows

Packing the truck bed with blankets and pillows is another important step in moving your piano. The truck bed should be covered first with a tarp or other type of waterproof material that will help protect your piano while you drive and keep them from sliding around. This makes it safer for everyone involved during transport. Once this is complete, pillows and blankets can be placed in the bottom of the truck bed to create a softer area for the piano to sit upon. The pads and blankets should be stuffed around the perimeter of the truck as well as in between every other part of the piano. This keeps it from moving around during transport and takes some pressure off delicate parts like tuning pins or fine woodwork on the side panels.

Have someone help you get the piano in the truck

Once all of the above steps are complete, you can then have someone help you get the piano into the truck. The assisting person should be asked to watch out for any sharp edges or corners on the piano so that they don’t get scratched or damaged. This is a common problem when moving pianos, as their edges are often chipped and have paint missing around the bottoms. Also, it would be best if you never attempted to lift a piano by yourself. Having someone else help can be in the form of the truck driver, a friend, or somebody else.

Use straps or ropes to tie down everything tightly in place

The straps that you use to tie down everything in the truck bed should be strong enough but not too strong. Too much strength can tear up the piano and cause it to get damaged during transport. Another thing to keep in mind is that securing each part of your piano individually will help a lot while driving. This allows for a constant watch over all piano parts while you are driving to your destination.

Keep an eye on how fast you’re going

Driving fast may put a strain on the piano or cause damage to it, so try not to go too fast during transport. Speeding up quickly or drifting around corners can also cause the piano to move and shift in its place. Be sure to keep your eyes on the road at all times while driving with a loaded truck so that you don’t put yourself or others in danger.


Pianos are a great piece of equipment and can be fun to play. Moving them, however, should be left up to the professionals who have been trained in moving these sensitive instruments. As you can see in the above guide, special knowledge needs to be used when it comes time to move a piano from one place to another. Be sure to follow the steps above when moving a piano in a pickup truck to avoid any unwanted damage or problems during transport.