Piano delivery services have become important parts of the piano industry. They are used to deliver pianos to their final destinations, home, or business where consumers and other individuals will use them. The service may also deliver pianos from one retailer’s location to another for purposes of resale.

Service providers are necessary because pianos are large and cumbersome to move. Pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, and they may be awkward to carry. Moving a piano up or downstairs can be particularly challenging. Homeowners should ensure that their new pianos are properly moved into their homes; because a complex piano delivery service will cost significantly less than if the piano owner does it themselves, causing expensive damage to the Piano or the property. Chances are higher that they may even hurt themselves while trying to move the Piano themselves. In this article, we will look into some of the essential aspects of piano delivery services.

1. What is a Piano Delivery Service?

A Piano Delivery Service is a business which provides professional moving and delivery service for pianos. The specific services performed by piano delivery companies depend upon the type of company being hired. However, all will provide some level of disassembly/reassembly and packing/unpacking as part of their service offerings. A large segment of the market consists of home-based businesses operated by one or several piano movers. These smaller companies are often able to provide services on a more personalized basis than larger organizations and typically charge less for their services. Larger businesses may be able to offer more specialized equipment, but this comes at the expense of higher operating costs passed onto the consumer in the form of higher rates.

2. Why you Need a Piano Delivery Service?

There are several reasons why a person may consider using a piano delivery service—moving an instrument such as the Piano is not something that the average homeowner will attempt. Without proper knowledge of the process, to do so can result in damage to both the Piano and/or its surroundings.

Pianos are non-portable and too heavy for anyone to carry. This is the reason why a professional piano delivery should deliver them. There are two kinds of piano delivery services: The disassembly/reassembly service used when someone buys a new piano or moves into a new home, and the regular service used if a piano needs to be moved from one location to another. Whether you decide on a disassembly/reassembly service or standard delivery service, make sure the company you choose has been in business for several years.

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3. The Benefits of Using a Piano Delivery Service?

A qualified piano delivery service can help assure that your Piano is delivered in great condition. Many individuals will try to save money by moving their instruments themselves, but this practice is far more dangerous than it would seem.

Individuals helping with the moving process must have certain physical abilities or seriously hurt themselves while attempting to move a piano. On the other hand, a professional delivery service can provide you with a team of movers who have been specially trained to handle these instruments efficiently and safely.

If there is a problem when moving your Piano, such as damaging walls or floors, the cost of fixing them yourself may be more than what it would have cost to have them professionally moved in the first place.

4. How much does it cost to use a piano delivery service?

The cost of using a piano delivery service will depend on several factors. The most crucial factor that affects the cost of a service is the size and location of the Piano. Piano delivery services charge different rates for their services depending upon how much the Piano weighs, where they have to go, what type of obstacles are present at their destination, and whether or not they will be going into a building with an elevator. Other factors include adding additional packing material and/or hiring extra help.

If you have to go up or downstairs, the cost of delivery may double. Additionally, large pianos with high ceilings and larger furniture pieces will take longer to deliver and increase the final price considerably. Please refer to the table below for minimum, maximum, and average costs of hiring Piano delivery services.

National Average Cost$180
Minimum Cost$110
Maximum Cost$850
Average Range$180 to $260

5. How to Find the Right Piano Delivery Service for You?

How you will be able to find a piano delivery service for you. First, research different companies that provide the service and make sure they know how to move a piano. It’s best to find a company with recommendations from previous clients or hires.

Next, compare the prices and options of each company and try to narrow it down to three potential candidates. To do this, call them and ask a lot of questions. For example: “How long have you been in the business? How many moves do you make per month? What kinds of pianos would you move?”

Once you narrow it down to three companies, contact each company and record the details of your conversations with them. The next step is to compare their services. It’s best to choose a company that has experience in moving large furniture and instrument so they could handle your Piano as well if needed.

Finally, once you know which company will work for you, it is best to get more than one estimate before making your final decision. This will allow you to check up on their pricing again more accurately.

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6. Things to Consider When Hiring a Piano Delivery Company?

Piano delivery services all offer the same service, but some differences set them apart. Some piano movers may have been in business for over 20 years and have an extensive background in moving pianos. Other companies may not have as much experience or knowledge, which is why you need to ask lots of questions before hiring a provider.

For instance, they should know how the instrument works and what precautions they should take when moving it. This includes taking special precautions with tuning pins, strings, pedals, and keys, so they don’t break during the process or become damaged by heat or cold. The company should always be prepared to encounter any obstacle since their biggest priority is ensuring that your Piano arrives safely at its destination undamaged.

7. Questions to Ask Your Potential Provider

There are several questions that you should ask when deciding on a provider; here is a list of few questions to ask a potential piano delivery service:

  • What will the cost be if the damage is done to my Piano once it arrives at its destination?
  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • Do you have insurance against accidents and damages?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have any references or testimonials from previous clients?
  • Where will the Piano be stored until the delivery date?
  • Will I need to provide additional help for moving the instrument, such as tools or movers themselves?
  • Will there be any additional costs once I accept your terms and conditions?
  • Would you be able to provide me with a customized quote for moving my Piano?
  • How long will it take to deliver from one location to another?
  • Can I request a specific time frame for delivery?


A piano delivery service is ideal for everyone who owns a piano and is planning to move one without the help of professional movers. However, you must find a reliable company that can relocate your instrument safely and within your budget. Just remember, if you need any help, we’re always here to assist you! I hope that this article has helped you find a better option for moving your Piano.

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