Moving a Piano into an apartment can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Also, there are some things that you should know before the move.

Pianos are heavy and unwieldy, which means they need to be handled with care during transport. If you want your Piano moved safely and securely into your new home, then make sure you hire a professional mover who knows how to handle Pianos. You will also need to ensure that the moving company has experience with Pianos and is willing to take precautions when moving it through tight spaces.

Measuring is Important

Pianos are large instruments, and you must know the exact size of your Piano before moving. A few measurements can help guarantee whether or not the instrument will fit in your space properly. Use these steps below to measure any Piano:

You should measure the length of a Grand Piano since it can vary from one model to another.

The upright Piano is a large instrument that takes up plenty of space in the room. To ensure proper measurement, one must take into account height, width, and depth measurements for each side individually and the overall size of the unit before deciding on where it will go.

Ensure the dimensions of that Piano can fit into your new space. Before you make a move, ensure that the doorways and hallways are wide enough for it too! It’s important not to forget any measurements before moving day arrive.

Knowing how much a Piano weighs is essential. With an average weight of 800 pounds, it can take up to four people to move the instrument into your apartment.

Never Move A Piano With The Casters

Many people try to use Piano casters as their way of transporting large Pianos from one location to another without realizing that they do nothing but weigh down an already heavy object with no function beyond decoration- which is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!

It is only wise to rent a four-wheeled Piano dolly, and even then, it can be challenging to move the instrument. Even if you are moving just one flight of stairs, it can prove to be tricky.

A Piano dolly is a helpful tool for moving Piano, but you will need to remove the three legs of the Piano and other pieces before using it. Always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions on removing these parts first, or some injuries can happen.

How to Move A Piano With Stairs

When you move your Piano to a new apartment that requires climbing stairs, it is advisable to do some planning beforehand. Stairs can take some time and effort to conquer, but with careful planning, it is possible! You want to ensure that the Piano does not have sharp corners or edges, as this could cause scratches when transported up staircases. A good idea would be wrapping the Piano in foam wrap before carrying while also using proper tools for lifting heavy Pianos.

Moving a Piano can be dangerous, not only because it’s heavy but also due to space constraints when there are tight staircases involved. They’ll all need to work together on coordinating their movements for optimal safe delivery of the object from point A to point B without any accidents happening along the way! The more people who help with this process of moving, the safer things will go.

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Piano moves are always risky because of the stairs. There have been many accidents when people try to move their Pianos up or down flights, and it can even cause severe injuries if they don’t do everything just right. However, there is one thing that you should be aware of before getting started; not all stairways will accommodate two people on each side of your Piano, carrying it up or down! If this sounds like something like the staircase leading to your new apartment, then hire professional help from someone who knows what they’re doing – no matter how much extra money it costs.

A little planning on your part can ensure that your precious instrument stays safe during transport and doesn’t end up damaged on the hardwood floors of your next home!

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Common Piano Moving Mistakes

Pianos are heavy and delicate instruments. They require a lot of care, so when you’re moving one into your house or apartment, the stakes can be high if any mistakes happen. It’s best to hire professional movers for this job as they know what precautions need to be taken, but if you must do it yourself, here are some easy things that could save you from costly mistakes!

Do not make the mistake of moving a Piano on your own without any help. For a grand Piano that weighs around 1400 lbs, you will need at least seven to eight people. Remember that the maximum a person can lift is 200 pounds at any given point of time when moving a heavy instrument like a Piano.

Before you move a Piano from one place to another, ensure that it is covered in foam wrap and blankets since the entire Piano is subject to severe damage if anything goes wrong. You should be aware that even a tiny jerk while moving can put your Piano off-tune and will require a professional to re-calibrate it.

Extensive research is required to ensure that your Piano reaches its destination in one piece and without any damage. Any lack of preparation can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Although it might seem like moving a Piano is like moving a piece of furniture but remember that it is much more complex and complicated than that. It requires careful planning and execution to carry a Piano from one place to another safely.

Reasons you should not Move a Piano Yourself

Piano moving isn’t as easy as it may seem; actually, there are some reasons why you should never do it yourself. Here are the top three of them:

Your body can’t take the pressure

You might think that moving a Piano is just like lifting weights, but professionals say differently. Quite contrary to this belief, Piano moving is hard and risky. If you don’t use the correct procedure and safety tips, it can cause severe injuries to your body. Leading causes of injuries in Piano moves are elevator falls and stairs accidents. So when you’re trying something as unconventional as a DIY project for moving a Piano, it’s better that you be safe than sorry.

So, it’s safer to hire a professional Piano moving company. They will work for you without any risks involved.

What if something goes wrong?

Yes! What if you drop the Piano and it gets damaged? What if you accidentally tear off a leg from your Piano while trying to navigate the stairs? If something goes wrong, especially during the moving process, it can be challenging to repair or even replace.

So, why risk damaging an irreplaceable family heirloom that’s worth thousands of dollars just to save some extra cash?

Who’s going to take responsibility for the damage?

If you’re planning on DIY-ing your Piano moving with little knowledge of how it works, who will be responsible for any damages that may occur during the move? The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home only to find that your Piano has been damaged during the move.

With professional help, you can relax knowing that if any accident occurs, it will be covered by their insurance or liability. You won’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for a mistake that occurred while moving your instrument.

Hire Professional Piano Movers

Piano moving is not something that someone should try to do without any experience. Even if you have experience, it’s still recommended that a trained professional handle the move for you to avoid injuries and costly mistakes on your part.

If you would like to hire a professional Piano mover, just look for one in your area that offers services near you. There are many reputable companies out there, especially online, who provide customized and tailor-made moving plans.

These companies have enough experience and knowledge to plan a move that takes your Piano from one place to another without causing any substantial damage or injury.

It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating: if you want the best service for moving your Piano from one location to another, hire the professional movers. It may cost more money upfront, but it could save you thousands in repair costs later on down the road.

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Moving a Piano can be quite a stressful process if not done in the right way. That’s why it is highly recommended that you hire professional movers to handle your move since they are specialists in this field and have extensive experience. So, just save yourself from any injury and stress and let the experts take care of everything.

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