Piano Moving is an arduous task. For starters, pianos are heavy and unwieldy. They also require plenty of space to move through doorways and up or downstairs. Finally, they’re difficult to balance on uneven surfaces, such as a staircase landing with a sharp turn at the top. All of these reasons make piano movers a valuable part of the moving process.

When you’re hiring them, though, the most important thing to do is ask questions and make sure your piano mover knows what he’s doing. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent and important questions you should ask your piano movers before hiring them or getting into any paperwork!

1. How long have you been in business?

This is a pretty good indicator of how professional your movers are. The longer they’ve been in business, the more likely it is that they’re dedicated to their craft as well as up-to-date on everything from technology to moving best practices.

2. What are some recent projects you completed?

This goes beyond simple word-of-mouth or reputation. Seeing what kind of work your piano mover has done recently can be a huge help in determining whether or not they are actually capable of doing what needs to be done and doing it well!

3. Is the company broker or carrier?

A company broker is someone who manages a group of movers, usually with some specialization in their own business, like piano or appliance removal services. This means that your items will be handled by multiple people at different points in the move process. If you do hire a broker, make sure they have references for all of the companies involved so you can check them out directly if necessary! This is important to know because it can easily save you time.

4. What are the rates for piano moving services?

This is a question you’ll want to ask before you even begin looking for piano movers. Every mover will charge something different due to the fact that it takes different amounts of time and skill to move items from one location to another. Make sure you get an idea of what your rate will be, as well as any additional fees they might charge!

5. What are the terms of your contract?

This is very important in determining whether or not your relationship with your piano movers is going to work out in the long term. Not only do they need to have reasonable rates, but also a good contract with flexible terms you can live with if something happens during your move.

6. Do you offer any discounts?

Piano movers can run pretty expensive. If you’re willing to do a lot of the work yourself or only have one item that needs moving, it might be in your best interest to ask about any discounts they might offer!

7. Who will be moving my piano? Whom should I expect at my residence during the move?

Some people like to know who exactly will be handling their most prized possessions during the move process. Make sure you get an idea of that to stay assured and trust them throughout the entire process.

8. How long will it take to transport my piano?

It’s crucial that whoever is transporting your piano knows where he’s going and how long it will take. Make sure you get an idea of that so you can plan correctly!

9. What kind of insurance do you carry? Can I purchase additional insurance for my piano?

You’ll definitely want to make sure your piano is adequately insured at all times during the moving process! It’s also worth mentioning that some movers may offer coverage for damages done during the move itself, which is a good thing to look out for. This can help you avoid some major headaches if your piano gets damaged in transport!

10. Are there any documents I should have on hand when you arrive for the move?

No matter what kind of paperwork was involved in your moving date, having it prepared and ready to go will save you time from having to scramble around looking for it during the move itself! Have all of this information in advance, and you’ll be set!

11. Where are you located?

Depending on where your piano is being moved from and to, it may or may not make sense for your mover’s location to match up with yours. You wouldn’t want to hire someone outside of your town just because he seemed nice while talking to him on the phone– only to find out that he’s sixty miles away and your move is costing a fortune in travel charges! Be aware of exactly where they’re located so you can find out if that makes a difference or not before signing anything.

12. Do I need a permit for moving my piano?

There are some places where certain items require permits before they’re moved, including pianos and other instruments! Check into this information so you can make sure you’re doing things correctly in this regard.

13. What are the hours of operation for your business? Do I need to schedule things ahead of time, or will you be able to take my piano at a moment’s notice?

You’ll want to ensure that the moving company has enough availability so you can get your piano moved when it needs to happen! This goes for things like weekend availability and other issues as well, so find out more about their hours if it matters to you before anything else.

14. Will I have any assistance with packing up the piano?

If you’re hiring people to move your piano, chances are you’ll need some assistance with packing up the rest of your stuff. If this will be a problem at all for them, it’s a good idea to find that out before signing anything!

15. What is the best way to prepare for piano moving day?

You’ll want to make sure you cover all of the bases when preparing for your move. Find out what they think you should do to make sure everything is in order and set up beforehand! You don’t want to spend time wrestling with anything else on moving day besides the piano itself, so be prepared ahead of time!

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16. What specialized equipment or tools will you be bringing with you to my residence?

Some people prefer knowing precisely what special things have been ordered for their particular move before anything else. Especially if it’s something that costs extra money! Make sure you’re getting a clear picture of how much this piano move will cost ahead of time instead.

17. Will you be able to set up the piano once it’s in place?

For an added charge, some movers will be able to get beyond just getting your piano from Point A to Point B and set it up for you! You definitely want things like tempos, hammers, and pedals working correctly if at all possible! Please find out more about this option so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it before anything else.

18. Do you disassemble and assemble pianos before the move?

Some moving companies charge extra to disassemble and reassemble pianos before the actual move itself. While this might seem like an excellent idea, some people are against it in theory due to the damage risk involved. Make sure you have all of your information on hand, so you know exactly what will be done for your particular move!

19. What precautions do you take during the process?

Pianos are worth a lot of money, so you’ll want to make sure your mover takes all of the proper precautions before doing anything else! They must treat your piano with care– and more importantly, that that they’re able to provide proof of what kind of insurance coverage they have in case something goes wrong!

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20. What types of Moving trucks do you use for transporting a Piano? Is it Climate-Controlled?

If you’re moving to a very warm or cold climate, you’ll want to make sure your piano is kept at the right temperature before and during the move. Climate-controlled trucks are available for this purpose– but do be aware that they might cost extra!

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21. Do you offer a warranty on your service?

Some people will want to have some warranty or guarantee on the way their piano is handled. Time-based warranties are common, while others may even offer an absolute money-back guarantee if things go wrong– so make sure you’re making a good decision!

22. Where will my piano be stored after it’s moved, and will I have access to it?

You don’t want to give your piano away and not have any access to what’s going on with it afterward! Find out whether or not your mover will be able to keep it in storage for you and if there are additional fees involved as well. You must be on the same page about all of this because some movers will ask for an additional flat charge as part of their storage fee.

23. Ask everything about additional costs

It’s always a good idea to ask about any additional costs associated with your piano move. For example, will there be any extra fees if the stairs are particularly steep? All of these kinds of things can add up over time, so you want to know all the information on hand before agreeing to anything! Make sure you find out more about extra costs before anything else.

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A piano is a sizable amount of investment, and you want to do everything you can to make sure it gets into the right place safely.

Moving companies should be able to answer all of these questions for your particular move! You must be comfortable with every aspect of your move before making any final decisions! Make sure you know exactly how much each moving company charges for their services before agreeing on anything, because not all of them are created equally—and one might fit your needs better than the others.

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