If you’re a piano owner, you might be wondering how movers are going to fit your instrument through the door. It’s not as easy as it sounds! This blog post will look at some of the most common methods that professional movers use to get pianos in and out of tight spaces with minimal damage. Let’s explore different ways that professional movers and their helpers move a piano through doors!

Measure the Piano

First of all, movers will measure the Piano and make sure it will fit through your door. If they are moving an upright piano, there should not be many problems getting it in. However, if you own an expensive grand piano, then they will need to take special precautions. In some situations, you will probably have to remove the Piano’s legs or perhaps even disassemble the instrument. Many pianos are too large to go through a door, so they will have to go around it.

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Measure the Doorways

This is the first step in ensuring that your Piano will fit. Please measure the width of the doorways to make sure that there’s enough room to get it through. Also, measure the height and depth of the stairs to see if they are wide enough for a full-sized piano to go up and down. You don’t want to get the Piano there and realize that it will be too tall or wide to fit! If your measurements indicate that you may have issues delivering if one of these is not up to requirements, then you can make use of a bit of carpentry.

Can the Piano be taken apart for transport?

If the Piano can be taken apart for transport, it might be possible to get the instrument through a doorway. Please take into account that once you take apart a large, heavy instrument like a piano, you’re going to have to put it back together. Some Pianos are just too difficult to remove parts from! This might be needed if you are moving a Grand piano. Movers will take apart the grand Piano and then reassemble it once they have gotten through the doorway.

Ensure enough space for transportation

Movers will ensure that there is enough space for them to bring the Piano in and out of your home. First, they will make sure that there is enough room for their van or truck. Next, movers will measure the width of the cargo area again to make sure it’s wide enough to fit a full-sized instrument. They can also use a Piano moving dolly if needed. The last thing you need is your Piano falling off a tiny cart because they didn’t measure correctly!

Movers will make the most of Piano Moving Equipment

Piano movers are well equipped with Piano moving equipment, and they will ensure that the Piano will be transported in the safest, most efficient manner. For example, they will use a Piano moving dolly. This can make transporting your instrument easier, and it protects against damage to your home. In addition to the dolly, they will use a Piano moving ramp or a Piano moving trolley for larger pianos. This makes it easier to get the Piano in and out of a truck. They will also use a floor jack if needed to raise or lower the Piano safely.

Ensuring Enough Man-Power to Help Maneuver the Piano through Doorways

One thing that might be helpful if you are worried about doorways is to hire a few extra movers. This can make getting the Piano into your home or out of your home much easier. They will probably have to take the legs off and disassemble them for transport so that they will need help! This is a good idea if you are worried about getting it through narrow doorways or stairways.

Pro Tips

Here are some tips that can make moving pianos easier: –

  • Hire extra help if needed for larger grand pianos.
  • Disassemble and reassemble the instrument where necessary.
  • Leave adequate room for transport as well as storage once at its destination.
  • Ensure there’s enough room around the home, both inside and outside, to safely maneuver a large instrument like a piano onto a truck or into another building.

As long as you take these things into account, then your Piano will be delivered without a hitch!


In conclusion, the first step in ensuring that your Piano will actually fit is to measure the doorways. If you find that there are not enough doors for it to go through or if there’s too much of a height issue with stairs, then some carpentry work may be necessary! Movers will ensure they have enough space for their van and truck, as well as make sure they’re using the best equipment possible when delivering pianos. They’ll also consider any issues like an extra helping hand needed if it’s a larger grand instrument. As long as movers follow these tips while transporting pianos, delivery should be hassle-free without any hiccups!

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