What do you do with an old, out-of-style piano? You might be wondering if there is some way to get rid of it for good. The answer is yes! There are various ways to dispose of your old piano, including selling it, donating it, or even throwing it away–yes, really, just throwing the whole thing in the trash. But first, let’s figure out which option would work best for you and your situation.

1. Identify the Piano’s Age

The easiest way to determine the age of your piano is to look inside the instrument. In most pianos, there is a sticker with the year of production on it. If you can’t find that sticker, you can usually find a date stamp–some are handwritten, and some are printed–near the serial number in various places around the soundboard. If neither of these date stamps can be found, the serial number itself will identify the age. This information is helpful because it determines what selling prices you could expect and which option would make the best sense.

You might think that an old piano isn’t worth anything, but you’re probably wrong! Old pianos that were made before 1900 can be valued up to $1,000. Some even have as much as a $10,000 value. However, these old pianos need professional repairs and restoration to reach the top of their potential pricing, which brings us to our next point.

2. Consider having it professionally restored first

This is extremely important for pianos that are worth money have high sentimental value or if you wish to sell it for a profit. You should always find a professional piano restorationist who can tell you what will be needed to restore the instrument. The average cost of repairing an old piano varies widely depending on its condition and style. However, plan for spending at least $200.

There is a possibility that the piano may not be worth restoring. However, it at least needs to be checked out by an expert who can tell you for sure before going through with any plans to sell or donate it.

Professional restoration can bring your old piano back to life! If the piano is already in good condition but needs new strings or touch-up paint, it may be worth restoring.

3. Research the value of your piano

It is highly recommended to search online for piano resale shops in your area. Visit the websites and call them to find out what they will pay for your instrument. Make sure you are also talking to a person with knowledge about valuations of pianos in general, not just one specific to the shop itself. Generally, a piano resale store will only buy your instrument if it’s at least fifty years old or in perfect condition. If you aren’t sure what price to expect exactly, search for an online service that will appraise your piano for you. Many of them will even tell you how much a customer would pay for your piano, which is basically what they’ll offer if you sell it to them!

It’s always a good idea to check out the resale value before you sell or donate your piano. You might be surprised at what people are willing to pay for your old instrument!

4. Determine what to do with the piano to getting rid of it – sell, donate, or throw away

After you have done all of your research, you will realize that there are many options available for disposing of an old piano. It’s time to make a decision, so here is a quick rundown on each option.

Selling your Piano:

There are two different ways to sell your piano: selling it yourself or selling it through an auction house or resale shop.

You can either list the instrument online on Craigslist, eBay and Amazon and wait for people to come to you with offers, or you can place ads in local newspapers and accept calls from interested buyers. Be sure that if you print out ads, the information contained is very specific about what type of condition the piano is in since this could affect its value (make sure they know whether it needs restoration or not).

The other way to sell your piano is through a resale shop or auction house. Resale shops often can find people looking for your type of instrument, and they may already have customers interested in what you’re selling. It’s even possible that the store owner can directly buy your piano for cash. Auction houses work similar to this, but they will sell it off at an upcoming auction with other instruments of its kind where bidders will compete for it.

It’s important to note that selling an old piano this way will most likely not be worth your time if you just want money in your hand. However, if you’re looking for a specific buyer and/or specific price for the instrument, then it may be worth it.

Donating Your Piano:

If you are planning on donating your piano, there are several things to consider before making the decision. First of all, what is your reason for doing so? Is there someone who really needs it or would appreciate having it around? Are they able to pay to have it restored? If the answer is no, please keep reading to understand better how to donate your piano anonymously! (This can also be an excellent way to get rid of something without paying money).

Donating your piano anonymously is a good thing! Here are some of the ways to do this without spending any money! You could search on Facebook for groups that work with local schools (music programs) or homeowner associations in your area. Contact them directly and describe that you have an old piano that isn’t being used and see if they’re interested in having it as a donation! Another option would be asking around to family members and friends. Maybe someone has a passion for the piano like you once did and would be willing to take it off of your hands! Last but not least (for obvious reasons), you could contact your local church. Many churches are looking for pianos to keep as donation items that anyone can use free of charge.

Donating used Pianos to charitable Institutions such as Salvation Army and Goodwill is always an option. It’s a blessing when companies like this accept these types of donations, and it’s always nice to give back! If you have a piano that isn’t in the best of conditions contacting these institutions will allow you to ask questions related to how they work and what kind of instruments are donated to them.

Using a Junk Removal Company:

Getting rid of a piano can be easy using one of these companies! Simply call up a local company, tell them what you’re looking to get rid of, and they’ll schedule a pick up at your convenience. They will then do all the lifting and loading for you so that it’s easier on you and so that they can safely haul it away. You will be charged a small fee for their services, but it is well worth not having to lift a heavy object into a truck!

Depending on where you live, there may be more than one company that picks up pianos. Check the Better Business Bureau and review as many reviews as possible before committing to anyone in particular.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get rid of your old piano, there are many options available. The first option is for those who want cash: selling it through a resale shop or auction house. For those who don’t care about the money and just need it gone, donating an old piano anonymously can be done in several ways–consider contacting a local school’s music program or homeowner association! Lastly, if you live near a city with a lot of people moving away from pianos (such as New York City), consider using junk removal services to haul away your unwanted instrument without having to lift anything heavy yourself!

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